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Safely returning leading international airlines to countries emerging from conflict and enhancing developing countries aviation capability using the latest in Air Traffic Management technology

Why Oasisairbridge?

Countries emerging from conflict face two key challenges: growing their economies and boosting domestic and international confidence that they are now safe and secure. The return of leading international air carriers is crucial to both. Oasisairbridge can help countries design and implement a plan to improve airspace management and airport performance to bring back international carriers and chart a path away from conflict.

Our team offers a combination of technical, commercial, political and project delivery expertise to ensure our clients can make the right decisions on how to address their unique challenges. We are proud to be partnered with leading aviation companies who share our drive for excellence in delivery and customer focus.

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About Us

OASISAIRBRIDGE is an aviation consultancy which brings together decades of expertise to support countries emerging from conflict. The consultancy concentrates on providing a coordinated approach to improving aviation, delivering efficiency through better partnering and the use of the latest technologies.

Our consultants are experts within their field who deliver the working knowledge and technical insight that our clients require. We understand that successful delivery of the smallest aviation project can have wide ranging benefits to the local area, country and region. Whatever the task we always seek to deliver and support a credible solution working alongside the client offering the latest training, simulation, airspace design and airspace management in the most efficient and productive way.

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Cover Image for Breaking Ground in Libya

Breaking Ground in Libya

Cover Image for Breaking Ground in Libya

Direct international flights will enhance Libya’s business effectiveness and reputation.

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Jonathan Dart MVO

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